Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fire Prevention Month

March has been dubbed as Fire Prevention Month because most fire incidents happen during the summer month, but, if you ask me, this should be a monthly precaution for all households.

Based on stats in 2010 to 2011, the number of fire incidents all over the Philippines reached to 8271 where 6128 are classified accidental by the Bureau of Fire Prevention. More than 4,000 of those happened in Metro Manila with almost one-third to one-half of those cases were reported caused by electrical faulting. 

Because of this it's a must that every household member are reminded of ways on how to prevent the occurrence of fire. Below are some tips.

Important Home Fire Prevention Tips 
Make sure all of your family members/ colleagues are well-informed
Conduct fire drills in your home/ office and make an escape plan. Agree on a meeting place outside of the house/ building if evacuation is necessary. Ensure that everyone can recognize the sound of the fire alarm.
Prioritize fire safety device installment and maintenance
Check monthly if your smoke alarms are working. Note that these detectors should be installed on the highest part of every level of your home to determine just how grave the fire has become. Change old electrical wires at home as they can also ignite
Be alert and take necessary precautions
Make sure fire exits are open/ easy to open in your home/ workplace. Keep a list of emergency numbers handy. Don't leave candles or lit cigarettes unattended. Sleep with the bedroom doors closed as this will prevent smoke from coming inside the room and reduce the risk of suffocation.

Surviving An Actual  Fire: A Simple Home Safety Guide for Everyone
Surviving a fire
Do not panic. Sound the alarm or shout and get out of the burning house/building immediately.  Report the fire by calling (or texting) firefighting groups.  
 Test doors before opening them. If the knob is hot, use alternative exits
One can use windows as alternative escape routes.  If they're too high from the ground, wait for firefighters to arrive with ladders.
 Crawl low under smoke
There is more oxygen at the bottom of a smoky room because it is denser than other gases emitted in fires. It is thus safer to crawl 12 inches to 2 feet from the ground towards an exit.
 If your clothes catch fire, remember to stop, drop and roll
Running around with clothes on fire will inflame it all the more. Instead, one must roll over to smother the flames and cover the face while doing so.